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Read what others have to say about Visual SAT Vocabulary Flashcards, Grammar Tip Flashcards and Visual Homophone Flashcards, and you'll understand why this is a perfect way for any individual to learn vocabulary words easily.
Visual SAT Vocabulary Flashcards

As the principal of a specialized school for students who need individualized instruction, I have had wonderful success with Visual SAT Vocabulary Flashcards. My teachers have packs of cards, which they use daily with their middle school and high school students. Now our students are asking us to give them time to learn vocabulary words rather than dreading the task. We followed up on how these words correlated to improved standardized test taking, and in almost every instance, the students who used these cards improved their verbal scores substantially. We are all so excited with this product, and so are the hundreds of students who are using them.
-- R.. Slawe, M.Ed.
Director of Reading, Writing, and SAT Prep School

I can't believe how fast I learned SAT words. I kept on putting off learning words until I used these Visual SAT Vocabulary Flashcards. They are fantastic! When I see the word, I just think of the picture and then the meaning just comes to me. Learning these words has already improved my reading comprehension.
-- Kyle Hutchins, 10th grade

I've been home schooling my child and working with her on reading comprehension and vocabulary development. It was not until I started using these entertaining Visual SAT Vocabulary Cards that I saw my child blossom. She can't wait to start on the next sets of flashcards. I can't believe the difference in her attitude and her excitement over her success in learning these words. I'm so excited myself that I'm learning right along beside her.
-- Charlene McDonald (parent)

I couldn't stop laughing at the humorous pictures, which explained the vocabulary words. I can't believe how much better I am with analogies and sentence completions on the SAT tests. The words are just sticking in my mind, and I don't find learning vocabulary words a chore anymore.
-- Caroline Price 11th grade

I used to dread sitting down and learning vocabulary words just to forget everything the next week. It was so discouraging. After using these Visual SAT Vocabulary cards, I couldn't stop learning the words. Every time I try to think of a word's definition, I just picture the word, and I instantly remember the definition. It has really improved my performance on the verbal section of the SATs, and it is such a fun way to learn vocabulary. I'm ready for the next pack of cards after only a week!
-- Patrick Sloan 10th grade

Grammar Tip Flashcards

The first couple of times I took the Writing/Grammar section of the PSATs and SATs, I just didn't see any mistakes. I knew that I shouldn't be putting NO ERROR for so many answers, but everything looked good. It wasn't until I used the Grammar Tip Flashcards, that I knew what to look for. It's a tricky section, but the cards have really helped me improve my score. They are easy to understand, so now I don't dread that section of the test.
-- Colby Sheppard, 10th grade

I loved the SAT Vocabulary cards, so I thought I'd try their other product. Their Grammar cards are great. I hate boring grammar books, and these cards show me exactly what I need to know to do well on the new Writing section. I was really nervous about this section at first, but now because of the grammar cards, I feel so much more confident.
-- Jane Owens, 12th grade


My teenage daughter has always had problems understanding and spelling the differences between confusing homophones, and the Visual Homophone cards I ordered have been just the ticket. The pictures are wonderful, because they show her just what the words mean, but there is also a descriptive sentence, definition, and pronunciation for each word. Now she rarely gets them mixed up.
-- Jane Dillan

My son is in fourth grade and is just starting to enjoy writing, but he had great difficulty knowing the differences between words that sound alike but are spelled differently. I ordered Visual Homophones, and now he just pictures the word with the correct spelling. His writing is so much improved, and the cards also improved his reading, because he loves reading the humorous sentences that accompany the pictures.
-- Charles Irwin

I am a sophomore in high school, and I had trouble proofreading my English papers, because I never knew which words to use-was it ITS or IT'S, THERE, THEIR, or THEY'RE, AFFECT or EFFECT- just to mention a few. It was always just a guessing game, until I studied the Visual Homophone Flashcards. The pictures are great! Now, I can spot any problems instantly, and I know it will help me on the college that I will be taking next year.
-- Jake E. Daniels

I am a resource teacher in a middle school in NC and have been using their Visual SAT Vocabulary flashcards for years. I was delighted when the company came out with their Visual Homophones. My students quiz each other and love the detailed graphics that explain the differences among these confusing words. It has certainly made my job easier, and my students are excited about learning.
-- Michelle Darnell, M.Ed.

What a great product! I have ordered the Visual Homophone Flashcards for the teachers in my school to use with their students. The set is so complete that I can't think of another homophone that they did not put into their 4 sets. In fact, I must admit that I learned a few, myself! I believe that adults as well as children could benefit from this valuable resource.
-- Principal Marion Jarnell, PhD.

My twin sons have been struggling with English as their second language. They have trouble spelling and writing words correctly, but the homophones are particularly troublesome. I ordered Visual Homophones, and the difference is incredible. Their writing and attitude have really improved.
-- Maria Lopez